Viking Rush is online strategy game. The goal is to build the village and defend it against enemies.

To protect and develop the village, you must train troops and attack other players.

You can also be peaceful, producing your own resources through buildings dedicated to collecting gold and food.

Click on "Play" in the main menu and select the platform you want to play in.

If you do not have an account you can register directly from the site. Click "Sign In" and then "Create Account".

The game is available on many platforms including Android, iPhone, browser and even on Facebook.

You can train the army through the barracks.

Develop the camp to accommodate more of the army.

It is the Power that determines your ranking among the players.

You can earn more points by waging war against other players.

There are two ways to collect resources:

  1. Resource buildings: More resource buildings contribute to the collection of more resources. Production of resources shall be by level of construction.
  2. Cast: Taking advantage of other players helps you get resources quickly.
If the cabinets are full, the storage level should be upgraded.

This game is available in many platforms:

  • Browser: WebGL technology
  • Smartphones: Android and iOS
  • Facebook playroom

Staff work hard to make the game available on other platforms.

You can win the gems for free by inviting your friends to join the game.

Each time you raise to the highest level, you get more.

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